Mini Shatsu Classic Race Car Sweatshirt (12M)

OK Mom/Aunt/Grandma, it's time for a lesson. At an early stage in a mans life he generally determines what kind of "guy" he is, being a real guy already, that means he has a series of choices to make that may shape the rest of his life. For instance: Cars. This is a very serious decision that could greatly impact the rest of his life. He needs to determine what kind of car he relates to. Classic? Then he has to determine Ford/Chevy/Mopar/Other. Foreign? Asian or European? Jaguar/Landrover/Bently/Mercedes/BMW/Other vs. Toyota/Honda/Datsun. Cars, Trucks, or SUVs? The list goes on. Stop laughing, this is serious.

Sure, as a man's man he'll have knowledge of all of them, but he'll always have his favorites. So you might as well start him off right by sporting thisrace car sweatshirt. In the end you could set him on the path of being the next Indy or Nascar racer or the next Gas Monkey Garage entrepreneur!Comfy. Cute. Wearable. This is a great pick!

The word "Shatsu" is a Japanese word meaning "shirt". Mini Shatsu or mini shirt is not just another line of tee shirts for kids and babies. It is, rather, a line of life-inspired clothing brought down to size to fit the most prized members of your family. While the shirts are no longer homemade or one-of-a-kind, Mini Shatsu shirts are still very unique and very limited. Generally, there are less than one thousand shirts produced for each design.

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