Hello Hot Dog Book

This fun and energetic picture book pits a hot dog’s rudimentary survival instinct against appetites both human and canine.

“Hello, Hot Dog,” greets the omniscient narrator. “HELLO!” says the hot dog, eyes wide in manic glee. It’s happily “chillin’ out on this comfy bread, with some corn and a couple of fries” until an approaching ketchup bottle indicates its fate as lunch. First the hot dog comes up with a seven-part plan to escape, involving a triple backflip and a napkin MacGyver-ed into a parachute. Unfortunately, hot dogs lack the necessary physical dexterity, but after a brief flirtation with surrender it heroically rolls out of the bun. It’s a daring escape, almost thwarted at the last minute by a hungry dog—luckily for our delicious hero, this dog doesn’t like mustard.

*Endless voices and personalities for any story book reader, kids will absolutely love it! 

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