Forever Young Bob Dylan Book

A Picture Book dedicated to Bob Dylan's Music

The song "Forever Young" has struck a chord in the hearts of parents, grandparents and other adult from the moment it was first written. For those of us who saw Dylan as the mouthpiece to the anti-war movement social turmoil of the 60's and 70's, this tender tribute to his children came as a sweet surprise, and captured our own yearning to hold onto our youth. Now, thirty five years after it first appeared on record, Dylan has teamed up with illustrator Paul Rogers to create an entertaining and meaningful book that can be enjoyed by all ages. Dylan fans will spend hours pouring over the illustrations looking for hidden clues from songs, video's and past events in the author's life. (Rodgers provides a list of his inspirations at the end). Children and non fans will enjoy the simple drawings and the compelling words. The truly brave may even try to sing along. This book is the perfect gift for everyone - it is truly timeless. And be sure to buy one for your own collection.

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