September 18, 2013

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All Things Fall

Fall is a time of year some people absolutely love. Although some retailers would rather just skip it and jump right into Christmas/Hannukah season based on how much earlier they mark down and put away "Fall" Holiday decor and goodies to save room for stockings, trees, tinsel, ornaments, etc our Hipster Baby family still thinks Fall is a great season to partake in. Starbucks pumpkin spice latte fans now have a moniker PSL emblazoned on doors to let them know their special drinks are now in season. And wow lets not even talk about the general pumpkin fans out there going crazy over limited edition foods. But I bet you didn't know Thomas makes a pumpkin english muffin? All of these "traditions" for Fall are the many reasons I and so many others love to celebrate and enjoy this season- including cool weather, tailgating, and MLB Playoffs!  

I've joined the Fall craze on Pinterest finding the cutest versions of pumpkin carvings/paintings/embellishments, home decor, and the like but I think what I most look forward to is spending time curating up a Halloween costume for my son. So far he has been Yoda (and I Princess Lea), A Dwarf, and Charlie Brown (Snoopy and the obligatory red dog house included). I even had enough insight to plan the Christmas card last year around his costume because A Charlie Brown Christmas is oh so hipster and not something you see on everyone's family card. No offense to the traditionalists but our family likes to do things a little more unique than the average Joe. 


This year I found a great Firefighter Costume for our little guy. I realize its a typical boy costume but the few things I can tell you with certainty he loves includes: Fire Trucks, Construction, Landscaping, and Cleaning (I swear my boy is a real manly man but he has the cleaning gene!). Maybe next year we can be less atypical and more unique via the Construction or Landscaping theme but who knows if his current loves will dissolve by then. And although I've bought part of the costume I do plan on some major elaboration and genuine ideas through props...more on that later. 

What great costume ideas are you committing to this year for your little guy? Does it fall in with the masses? Is it something you add to, create yourself, or just buy off the shelf? Does he let you have any say in what he wears or is it now 100% his choice? In the end what matters most is enjoying time with your family and sharing in the family candy stash when your kid(s) isn't/aren't looking. 


September 06, 2013

Motherhood Realities ›

Realities of Motherhood

I sometimes wonder if my child is unique or just typical. Sure my perspective is based on only having one child at this point but I also know every kid has a different personality and with that comes different engagement, different reactions, and a different tone. 


We've been experiencing the "Terrible Twos" for a few months now which has shown a lot of tantrums, drama, and plain old not listening. But I think looking past that we have seen a ton of growth and change in our little guy. Sure he might have a complete melt down if things don't go his way (such as telling him climbing into and playing in the kitchen sink is not acceptable), but we can have conversations about lots of things so take your pick!


Being a mother of a toddler boy also means I know what is about actively chasing after your child, explaining that climbing on everything isn't always the safest thing to do, throwing can get people hurt, and jumping onto mom's head isn't fun for mom. Although I don't promote it I also long for the day that my son will sit and watch TV! The best I can do to keep him entertained for short periods of time is having him watch Dump Truck  or Garbage Truck videos on You Tube. 


Potty training has also been interesting...but I won't digress. Let's just say that stepping away for a minute while your son is on his potty and coming back to poop on the floor of the bathroom has happened more than once! 


So am I in the minority or have other moms experienced this too?

September 01, 2013

Launch ›

We have launched!

As a mother with a young son I aim to keep my little guy clean, clothed, and looking cool. I am so excited to introduce one place where you can shop solely for the little man in your life. Whether you are mom, grandma/nana/mimi, aunt, friend, godmother, or a kick ass dad/grandpa/uncle etc we have lots of great options to choose from.

Also, please follow us @shophipsterbaby on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for the latest and greatest updates (including but not limited to- discounts & new shipments). 

Now please by all means go shop your little heart out and tell your friends about us! We want to be the leader in boys clothing stores! And as my own mother used to say "if you see it now and like it, buy it because you never know if it will be there when you come back".

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