April 15, 2020

A Newborn, A Pandemic, A Small Business, and Shelter in Place

I went into labor on a Sunday Night February 23, 2020. My husband and kids were all asleep at 10pm that night and I knew my contractions were real coming every 9 minutes for over an 11:45 they were 6 minutes apart so I woke my husband up and told him it was go time.

Flash forward to 12:56PM Monday February 24 and Mr. Bode was born! 

The following week was a blur at home taking care of baby, going to the pediatrician, etc. I would get store updates and things were going great, lots of sales and traffic in the store. Then 2.5 weeks later everything totally came to a standstill. Nobody was coming in the store. One day we had zero sales, followed by another, I told my employees I might have to close the store temporarily until things blew over. I waited and nothing changed. Saturday 3.14 I told Charly to post a sign up on the door that due to our desire to practice social distancing we would only be taking orders online or for individual pickup. Covid19 was creeping into my forever dream. The storefront I have had open for 3.5 years was put in limbo. Fast forward to today and we are still in Shelter in Place. Lockdown life is full of monotony. I know how to use Zoom, House Party, and enjoy getting out for walks with my kids. Our website is still going but sales are down about 80%....

Laughter has been the best medicine these days, along with Tiger King, baking, and waving at friends from afar. In the spirit of quarantine life my husband (and online order fulfiller) came up with a fun activity we would love for our customers to partake in if they find it applicable in their lives. Adult Quarantine activity please print this and share with friends! Lets see how quickly we can get others involved. Consider getting margaritas from your local restaurant and dropping them off on the front porch of a Covid-19 hero! Or a friend in your neighborhood who could use a good laugh and some good spirits. 


February 04, 2020

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The 3rd Trimester

At 35 weeks pregnant, the 4th time around (I have 3 kids and am expecting my 4th) nothing seems that much different than before. Constantly sore, constantly peeing myself, thirsty, hungry but not too hungry. If it's not maternity it doesn't cover my belly unless it's something I borrow from my husband (more tees please and thank you)! Heels are worn on rare occasion otherwise it's comfy sneaker time. 

I've saved all the baby clothes from my other 2 boys, so baby boy #3 will have plenty to go through. Crib and bassinet are ready, new carseat is purchased and installed (we went with the Nuna Pipa Lite LX). I've got the old slings I've used with every kiddo along with my Tula. Nursing covers are ready (I've got my old Milk Snob but just jumped back on the Bebe au Lait bandwagon- for the print and the nostalgia as it was originally called the Hooter Hider and was what I used with my first baby but is now updated in a new style). I've contemplated if my Medela Pump In Style will still suffice or if I should get a Willow. Oh how technology changes in 9 years! Time will tell. We still have our Uppa Baby Vista Stroller with all the attachments for the younger 2 to ride along with baby brother but admittedly I caved and bought a new seat cover to replace our stained out one because kids never eat as cleanly as you want! Might have my husband power wash the frame just to give it a little special sparkle since it has seen its fair share of use. And my jogging strollers are of course still in use so I have those too although I can't go crazy workouts for a while post delivery.

In terms of baby clothes I've got my favorite Kickee Pants Zippered Footies ready to go along with some new Posh Peanut gowns and Signature Mom Robe! I'm an all natural diaper girl- crunchy enough to have cloth diapered my 1st 2 babies but practical and time restricted enough I'll have all natural disposables for this baby. My go to are Honest Diapers and Huggies All Natural Wipes. I've tried a ton of different wipes and diapers over the years and those are the ones I prefer! 

Now to contemplate my nursing friendly/postpartum wardrobe....and of course awaiting baby's arrival! Looking forward to sleepless nights, constant baby snuggles, and a decent glass of wine.  

July 23, 2019

Tips for Traveling with Kids

Top tips for traveling by plane with kids for your next vacation.

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May 16, 2019

The Oh So Terrible Almost Twos

When your child suddenly drops on the floor flailing over you not letting him play with a Sharpie. When your child pulls your hair or slaps your face and you just want to lose your cool (or you do because we are all human). When you tell your sweet toddler it's time to go and they bolt in the other direction. <Sigh>

Our third child hasn't been a super angelic, innocent, I want a fourth baby right now just like him child. The almost two or 2-3year old phase is the hardest because they can't fully communicate their feelings and their frustration drives them to do the silly/stupid/ridiculous things like biting, hitting, tantruming on the floor. I'd like to think I have the patience of a saint but we all have our limits. 

Laughing helps a lot, but so does ignoring, timeouts in his room (which until recently he couldn't open the door to get out), or redirection/distraction. Hang in there this too shall pass!


May 07, 2019

What is the future of retail?

Amazon deliveries happen ALL THE TIME. I see their trucks with drivers donning bright orange traffic vests and think this is the future of retail. No need to leave the house/work to grab anything just place an order for same day or next day delivery on Amazon. Almost everyone I know has a Prime membership. From groceries to fascinators to diapers to socks who needs to visit a physical storefront? 

This is the scary part of short term quick fix thinking. I'm all for supporting online shopping but when we all start to move away from interacting in a physical space and just gluing ourselves to our phones or computers nobody is winning (well except for Amazon). Do we want to push jobs to warehouses and delivery trucks? 

Support your local stores, local boutiques, gift shops. Support uniqueness, talk to people, and teach your kids to do the same. Dare I even say don't just go to Target, the fact there are a million memes about "I just want to Target for ___ and spent $200". Sure its a great place but do you want that to be the only great place? Does the sea of sameness appeal to you? I know I hedged my bets as a small business owner and after running a website for 4+ years I opened a SMALL physical storefront. Interacting with customers is a beautiful thing, getting to know them and their kids, share parenting stories, ask for advice about the stages of life parents with babies and young kids go through. Shop local, shop small when you can, and go get to know your retail neighbors! 

Tonsillectomy Hell

Spring Break 2019 and as I scan social media posts I see trips to Hawaii, Colorado, New Mexico, Florida, California, etc. What did the Hipster Baby Family do? Oh we decided to go spend our vacation money on a tonsillectomy for our middle child. We didn't make this decision lightly either. For the past 2 years our pediatrician has recommended we see an ENT because our daughter has massive tonsils that were likely the cause for her sleep apnea. Somehow we took her sleep issues with a grain of salt, that somehow we had a child who just didn't sleep well every night but that at some point she would grow out of it. Once we finally saw the ENT he said her issue could be solved by removing her tonsils and adenoids. 

Fast forward to last week. The only entertainment from the day of surgery was after they gave her the "calming juice". Hipster's Sister was DRUNK on juice. Surgery lasted 40 minutes and within another 30 minutes the nurse roused her enough to take some pain medicine and eat a popsicle. After going through the pain medicine administering schedule, foods she could eat, and how the steroids they gave her would wear off by day 3 or 4 we were sent home. She slept most of that first day, hardly ate anything but popsicles and a smidge of chicken noodle soup I made for dinner. The second day post surgery was full of hysteria which over the phone the nurse told me was likely due to the steroids, although hydrocodone probably contributed as well.

Friends and family keep checking in asking how she is doing and really my best answer is it's a roller coaster. She has been great and on cloud 9 and then screaming and crying. We are still on the same pain management schedule, something given every 3 hours. We even wake up in the middle of the night twice to give meds. Mornings are the absolute worst. She has stuff she keeps spitting up upon getting out of bed and its a solid 20-30 minutes of this and crying. We are on day 7 and the experts tell us its a good 10 day healing time. The dragon breath of her throat healing is really quite startling too. Morning breath cannot compare to post tonsillectomy breath. 

Eating comes and goes too. When you don't want to swallow most food sounds pretty horrible. I think our daughter has eaten her weight in popsicles though. The fancy Whole Foods all natural ones are not her favorite, its the high fructose corn syrup otter pop style ones that she wants. 

Have any of your kids had a tonsillectomy? My dad and father in law have along with my mom (of course all as kids back when I think it was just standard protocol). Cheers to better sleep for our little one! Oh the crazy things we do for sleep....and the crazy experience we have had this Spring Break!

November 30, 2018

Christmas Gifts Revisited

Christmas Gifts, Letters to Santa, requests, demands, lists... either for your kids or someone else's kids you can sometimes be stumped on what to get them for Christmas! There is so much noise and marketing out there that even as a parent I'm often at a loss on what to actually commit to for my kids. I've seen so many toys, read reviews, questioned what they might actually play with but clarity came when I ran across the view of The 4 Christmas Gift Challenge:

1. Something they want

2. Something they need

3. Something to wear

4. Something to read

A good way to make the reason for Christmas and gift giving more meaningful, more memorable, and so much less stressful. 

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