May 07, 2019

What is the future of retail?

Amazon deliveries happen ALL THE TIME. I see their trucks with drivers donning bright orange traffic vests and think this is the future of retail. No need to leave the house/work to grab anything just place an order for same day or next day delivery on Amazon. Almost everyone I know has a Prime membership. From groceries to fascinators to diapers to socks who needs to visit a physical storefront? 

This is the scary part of short term quick fix thinking. I'm all for supporting online shopping but when we all start to move away from interacting in a physical space and just gluing ourselves to our phones or computers nobody is winning (well except for Amazon). Do we want to push jobs to warehouses and delivery trucks? 

Support your local stores, local boutiques, gift shops. Support uniqueness, talk to people, and teach your kids to do the same. Dare I even say don't just go to Target, the fact there are a million memes about "I just want to Target for ___ and spent $200". Sure its a great place but do you want that to be the only great place? Does the sea of sameness appeal to you? I know I hedged my bets as a small business owner and after running a website for 4+ years I opened a SMALL physical storefront. Interacting with customers is a beautiful thing, getting to know them and their kids, share parenting stories, ask for advice about the stages of life parents with babies and young kids go through. Shop local, shop small when you can, and go get to know your retail neighbors! 

Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen