February 04, 2020

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The 3rd Trimester

At 35 weeks pregnant, the 4th time around (I have 3 kids and am expecting my 4th) nothing seems that much different than before. Constantly sore, constantly peeing myself, thirsty, hungry but not too hungry. If it's not maternity it doesn't cover my belly unless it's something I borrow from my husband (more tees please and thank you)! Heels are worn on rare occasion otherwise it's comfy sneaker time. 

I've saved all the baby clothes from my other 2 boys, so baby boy #3 will have plenty to go through. Crib and bassinet are ready, new carseat is purchased and installed (we went with the Nuna Pipa Lite LX). I've got the old slings I've used with every kiddo along with my Tula. Nursing covers are ready (I've got my old Milk Snob but just jumped back on the Bebe au Lait bandwagon- for the print and the nostalgia as it was originally called the Hooter Hider and was what I used with my first baby but is now updated in a new style). I've contemplated if my Medela Pump In Style will still suffice or if I should get a Willow. Oh how technology changes in 9 years! Time will tell. We still have our Uppa Baby Vista Stroller with all the attachments for the younger 2 to ride along with baby brother but admittedly I caved and bought a new seat cover to replace our stained out one because kids never eat as cleanly as you want! Might have my husband power wash the frame just to give it a little special sparkle since it has seen its fair share of use. And my jogging strollers are of course still in use so I have those too although I can't go crazy workouts for a while post delivery.

In terms of baby clothes I've got my favorite Kickee Pants Zippered Footies ready to go along with some new Posh Peanut gowns and Signature Mom Robe! I'm an all natural diaper girl- crunchy enough to have cloth diapered my 1st 2 babies but practical and time restricted enough I'll have all natural disposables for this baby. My go to are Honest Diapers and Huggies All Natural Wipes. I've tried a ton of different wipes and diapers over the years and those are the ones I prefer! 

Now to contemplate my nursing friendly/postpartum wardrobe....and of course awaiting baby's arrival! Looking forward to sleepless nights, constant baby snuggles, and a decent glass of wine.