Tonsillectomy Hell

Spring Break 2019 and as I scan social media posts I see trips to Hawaii, Colorado, New Mexico, Florida, California, etc. What did the Hipster Baby Family do? Oh we decided to go spend our vacation money on a tonsillectomy for our middle child. We didn't make this decision lightly either. For the past 2 years our pediatrician has recommended we see an ENT because our daughter has massive tonsils that were likely the cause for her sleep apnea. Somehow we took her sleep issues with a grain of salt, that somehow we had a child who just didn't sleep well every night but that at some point she would grow out of it. Once we finally saw the ENT he said her issue could be solved by removing her tonsils and adenoids. 

Fast forward to last week. The only entertainment from the day of surgery was after they gave her the "calming juice". Hipster's Sister was DRUNK on juice. Surgery lasted 40 minutes and within another 30 minutes the nurse roused her enough to take some pain medicine and eat a popsicle. After going through the pain medicine administering schedule, foods she could eat, and how the steroids they gave her would wear off by day 3 or 4 we were sent home. She slept most of that first day, hardly ate anything but popsicles and a smidge of chicken noodle soup I made for dinner. The second day post surgery was full of hysteria which over the phone the nurse told me was likely due to the steroids, although hydrocodone probably contributed as well.

Friends and family keep checking in asking how she is doing and really my best answer is it's a roller coaster. She has been great and on cloud 9 and then screaming and crying. We are still on the same pain management schedule, something given every 3 hours. We even wake up in the middle of the night twice to give meds. Mornings are the absolute worst. She has stuff she keeps spitting up upon getting out of bed and its a solid 20-30 minutes of this and crying. We are on day 7 and the experts tell us its a good 10 day healing time. The dragon breath of her throat healing is really quite startling too. Morning breath cannot compare to post tonsillectomy breath. 

Eating comes and goes too. When you don't want to swallow most food sounds pretty horrible. I think our daughter has eaten her weight in popsicles though. The fancy Whole Foods all natural ones are not her favorite, its the high fructose corn syrup otter pop style ones that she wants. 

Have any of your kids had a tonsillectomy? My dad and father in law have along with my mom (of course all as kids back when I think it was just standard protocol). Cheers to better sleep for our little one! Oh the crazy things we do for sleep....and the crazy experience we have had this Spring Break!

Spring 2016

Our Spring 2016 Assortment is coming in and we are so excited to share so many awesome styles. From favorites at Prefresh like Hello Ladies and Yeah America tank tops to Rowdy Sprout's Jimmy Hendrix or George Strait varsity tees. 

Check back often as we launch Hipster's Sister/ aka FUNKY Girl's Clothes! Yes there is more than just seeing ruffles when it comes to girls clothes. Our focus is style and comfort so if our kids can't play and be kids in these clothes then we don't buy them!