November 26, 2018

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Small Business Usual Chaos

Owning a small business and having 3 kids...or just having 3 kids...or just having a it's a lot to say the least! But isn't life meant to be busy, constantly changing, spent surrounded by loved ones? Some days are easier than others, some nights are better slept than others, some days I think I look and feel better than others. But I'm so grateful for the ride I'm on, my kids, my husband, my customers, my friends, and my family, or the customers who have become my friends and often feel like my family. 

I work more than I don't work and even if I'm not physically at the store I'm often doing something behind the scenes for the store or website; answering an email, ordering or reordering something, setting an item up, taking a picture, promoting, planning, etc. I honestly would not recommend retail to most people, even if it's just online or just part time. Being a family owned business in 2018 means I get to compete with Amazon, Target, Walmart, along with all the other online only businesses. So don't forget that when you order from me or walk into my store there isn't a conglomerate or giant warehouse filling your order or helping you in the back. We are a mom and pop store trying to make it. Retail is a roller coaster but we value uniqueness, personal service, and the ability to shop online and in a physical space. Need help? Just email or message us and we will gladly do so! 

Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen