February 01, 2017

Pregnancy...The Third Time Around

I'm so excited to be expecting but man oh man subsequent pregnancies are just different! Showing sooner, gaining weight quicker, and overall tiredness because you are busy chasing around your other kids! 

Good thing I have a great stash of maternity clothes, if one can even call maternity clothes great, haha. I think I pulled mine out around 14 weeks because why fool anyone? I didn't want to live in yoga pants and just wanted to be comfortable when my regular clothes starting getting a little snug. I also pulled out my body pillow earlier than I can remember because again, why not? 

Since we have 1 of each gender I've been in no rush to buy baby clothes or decorate a nursery although it is in the back of my mind I can't wait forever. Those bins where I stashed Little Hipster's baby clothes will need to come out. The crib we packed up after Hipster's Sister demanded a "Big Girl Bed" at 2 years old will need to be pulled back out along with the bouncer, bassinet, and infant car seat! I will say I will be buying some new baby toys, burp cloths, baby carrier (like a Tula), a Milk Snob nursing cover and a take me home outfit. I might even personalize a lovie or blanket for him (oh yes its another boy if you didn't catch that earlier)! And the take me home outfit I have in mind is of course one we will be carrying soon. It will have been almost 6 years when this guy is born to when I accrued all the baby boy stuff I have and lets just say I have learned what will be used and what won't! I know what styles I like and which ones I don't! 

I failed to mention I think Braxton Hicks start earlier too when it's #3...but I also know for me a full bladder irritates my uterus and causes it to happen along with the times I'm dehydrated so really there is no winning because I've either got to pee or I need to drink more water! The joys! And mom brain/pregnancy brain which probably never fully went away is for sure back. 

Aside from my growing belly, exhaustion, soreness, and mom brain I can negate that with the joys of feeling my baby move around inside of me, the times my son comes up to talk to baby brother/aka my belly, bigger boobs (hey I'm human!), and the conversations that start with other pregnant moms who come into the store! Babies are a blessing and no matter what I might complain about I'm grateful for the gift of pregnancy, even the third time around!

Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen