August 15, 2017

Halloween Costumes for Kids

It's going to be here sooner than you know it. Halloween can either be super hot or freezing cold in Dallas,TX. Which means no matter what you have to keep the weather in mind UNLESS you are doing a fun indoors only event. 

LIttle Hipster was 4 months old for his first Halloween and we went with a classic for his costume, Yoda. Preceding Halloweens he has been:

-Charlie Brown (Snoopy's house was handmade and pulled in his radio flyer wagon with the theme song trailing with us)- we even made it our Xmas card it was that cute!!

-Dwarf -this was with other little friends and we made the outfits including tees (beards were pinned to), belts, hats, and pick axes

-Jake and the Neverland Pirates



Other fun baby ideas I've seen:

-Mad scientist pulling a wagon of potions with dry ice

-Donald Trump (that hair though) in a fancy toy kid car

-Astronaut pulled in a space shuttle

-Lobster in a pot

-Baby in Bjorn and dad dressed as guy from The Hangover


-70s/80s rock band like KISS with giant star makeup on their face

Girl costumes tend to be limited to:



-tv show character

-Princess Leia

Family costumes are always a win win and honestly we have yet to do it! Really we have only sibling matched and dog coordinated because our furry friends are kids too!

Happy Costume Hunting!


Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen