April 15, 2020

A Newborn, A Pandemic, A Small Business, and Shelter in Place

I went into labor on a Sunday Night February 23, 2020. My husband and kids were all asleep at 10pm that night and I knew my contractions were real coming every 9 minutes for over an hour....by 11:45 they were 6 minutes apart so I woke my husband up and told him it was go time.

Flash forward to 12:56PM Monday February 24 and Mr. Bode was born! 

The following week was a blur at home taking care of baby, going to the pediatrician, etc. I would get store updates and things were going great, lots of sales and traffic in the store. Then 2.5 weeks later everything totally came to a standstill. Nobody was coming in the store. One day we had zero sales, followed by another, I told my employees I might have to close the store temporarily until things blew over. I waited and nothing changed. Saturday 3.14 I told Charly to post a sign up on the door that due to our desire to practice social distancing we would only be taking orders online or for individual pickup. Covid19 was creeping into my forever dream. The storefront I have had open for 3.5 years was put in limbo. Fast forward to today and we are still in Shelter in Place. Lockdown life is full of monotony. I know how to use Zoom, House Party, and enjoy getting out for walks with my kids. Our website is still going but sales are down about 80%....

Laughter has been the best medicine these days, along with Tiger King, baking, and waving at friends from afar. In the spirit of quarantine life my husband (and online order fulfiller) came up with a fun activity we would love for our customers to partake in if they find it applicable in their lives. Adult Quarantine activity please print this and share with friends! Lets see how quickly we can get others involved. Consider getting margaritas from your local restaurant and dropping them off on the front porch of a Covid-19 hero! Or a friend in your neighborhood who could use a good laugh and some good spirits. 


Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen