October 07, 2013

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Messy Boys

There is something innately common with boys that requires them to get messy. It is interwoven into their chromosomes. Even my oddball clean freak 2 year old son gets messy (he wants to help clean up). I'm sure anyone with young children can make this claim but its just different with boys. Running, climbing, jumping, digging, smearing...boys are messy.

Our journey into all things messy began with the typical explosive poops. You start to wonder how so much poop can come out of such a tiny human being! Spit up was also a common mess both on me and on him, but I think despite that spit up smell that seems to soil one pair of clothes after another, the poop still tops the list of worst things to clean up. Have you ever noticed that poop-mageddon always happens at the worst possible moment? Little man is wearing his cutest/nicest outfit and it's in the middle of church or an airplane rides.

Enter the wondrous products called STAIN REMOVERS into our lives. Sure we used our bout of stain remover pens before parenthood, but never before did we have to deal with poop-splosions until we had our son. I tried to plan for the worst and always carried a change of clothes for both me and him, carrying stain remover pens and wipes, and a plastic bag to "pack out" the worst, but alas you're never really prepared. A wise mother once told me you will never stop smelling poop after you have a child and wow was she right. 

Now that our son is into toddlerhood we get all sorts of stains from pizza, pasta sauce, markers, ink, mud, etc. I'm not a stain remover brand pusher but we've tried Oxyclean, Tide, Bleach, and Resolve, but I'm not sure any one of those works better than the other. I suppose it all just seems to come down to timing of the stain treatment. I don't consider myself to be too much of a type A but I know as a mom if I've spent money on an "investment" piece of clothing like all the wonderful Hipster Baby clothes we offer I will try my hardest to keep clothes stain free. I also know down the road after future siblings have worn the same outfit and its still in decent shape I've succeeded in the world of stains and life with a son. And even if my future children aren't boys I know other moms will appreciate the care I've taken with his clothes when they buy them through consignment! (Hey I'm a real mom and appreciate the value of a good Consignment store/pop up, etc. But sadly I have found most Consignment boy sections completely lack quality boy clothes such as the ones we offer at Hipster Baby).

How do you handle giant messes with your child? Particularly pertaining to stains on clothing? And do you have any special clothing upkeep rituals for your little guy? Maybe splat mats throughout the house or spraying him down with a hose for extra special circumstances?  



First scrape off any excess and then take these steps:

Baby Formula or Breastmilk: cold water, baking soda to prevent yellowing

Blood: rinse with cold water, pretreat then wash

Chocolate: pretreat then wash in hot water

Crayon: try adding baking soda in the wash

Glue: pretreat then wash in hot water

Grass: pretreat with detergent then hot water

Oil/Butter: a touch of dish soap, then wash a normal

Juice: rinse with cold water, pretreat and wash


Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen