September 06, 2013

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Realities of Motherhood

I sometimes wonder if my child is unique or just typical. Sure my perspective is based on only having one child at this point but I also know every kid has a different personality and with that comes different engagement, different reactions, and a different tone. 


We've been experiencing the "Terrible Twos" for a few months now which has shown a lot of tantrums, drama, and plain old not listening. But I think looking past that we have seen a ton of growth and change in our little guy. Sure he might have a complete melt down if things don't go his way (such as telling him climbing into and playing in the kitchen sink is not acceptable), but we can have conversations about lots of things so take your pick!


Being a mother of a toddler boy also means I know what is about actively chasing after your child, explaining that climbing on everything isn't always the safest thing to do, throwing can get people hurt, and jumping onto mom's head isn't fun for mom. Although I don't promote it I also long for the day that my son will sit and watch TV! The best I can do to keep him entertained for short periods of time is having him watch Dump Truck  or Garbage Truck videos on You Tube. 


Potty training has also been interesting...but I won't digress. Let's just say that stepping away for a minute while your son is on his potty and coming back to poop on the floor of the bathroom has happened more than once! 


So am I in the minority or have other moms experienced this too?

Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen