Seasons of change

We all go through seasons in life and boy have I been in "that" season. Moving into a new home, remodeling, and having our second child has put me in the "mom of 2, has a newborn" season. And the choices we make don't always coincide with being convenient for everyone- as our daughter decided to enter the world 2 weeks before her official due date which isn't eye opening but when mom is selling at Chi Omega Christmas Market in Dallas and we get 4 news channels promoting our store it's a bit unsettling. Labor the 2nd time around was so much different than the first- I came home at 6:30 from 3 days of selling and contractions start. Fast forward to 11:00pm and they jump from being 10 minutes apart 30 minutes before to 3 minutes apart and I get scared. Sure enough little G was about to enter the world as we flew down the tollway in pouring down rain. I progressed so quickly even the epidural I demanded at the last minute didn't have time to work! Yes folks, that is possible and not too uncommon. If only they provided refunds for that. Ha. 2 pushes and she was out! Natural childbirth...although I guess I get robbed of my trophy for that since they had started the epidural (I had zero relief despite my pleas...the doctor said they needed 20 minutes but G didn't want to wait). 

Little Hipster was only difficult the 1st week of taking baby G home. I guess he had to work out his own fears and concerns of mom's attention going to his new baby sister. What is sweet is he has become more taken with his dad and now might ask for daddy over mommy. Sleepless nights nursing have made this tea drinking mom a best friend of coffee, 2 cups a day please. I also found that baby wearing is my go to thing since G doesn't appreciate being put down for long so my 2 Peanut Shell Reversible slings get tons of use! And they are super cute! If only they hadn't discontinued that style I'd be selling it on Hipster Baby. I have the K'Tan and BJorn, have contemplated the Ergo as I have borrowed a friends when Little Hipster was younger...but my staple is the sized Peanut Shell Sling. I don't have to "futz" with it and rewatch YouTube videos to wear it! And its big enough to nurse her in. 

As I sit here recovering from Mastitis I dream of opening up that storefront for Hipster Baby...but right now I'm getting a little more comfortable being a mom to 2 kids on top of having a website. Clearly when I get too busy and take on too much somebody else has other plans for me reminding me to slow down and appreciate what I have. But don't count us out yet because after having a girl I know that finding girl clothes is a dime a dozen but finding boy clothes is still way too hard. 

Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen