February 15, 2014

Sleep is Over Rated

Early on as a new parent you crave sleep and can snooze just about anywhere anytime, but at least for me it seems like I can function so much better on limited hours of sleep now that our guy is older. Maybe parents learn how to cope or adapt to what gets thrown their way or maybe we all become just a little bit crazy from our deprivation. 

As I have mentioned we are currently seeing an RE for infertility and while we've been on this journey for baby#2 for 15months it really starts to feel like an eternity. Thank goodness Little Hipster is becoming so much more independent and verbal that he keeps us uplifted through it all, focusing on the joys of toddlerhood, exploration, and constant learning. While I have mentioned that infertility is a topic not often spoken about I find myself eagerly wanting to discuss what is going on with my friends, but at the same time not wanting to weigh them down with sad news, another month gone by of us selfishly wanting to have another child. Clomid, Ovidrel, and Progesterone are becoming my new norm. Doctor visits are weekly, checking hormone levels, ovulation, and potential pregnancy. Through it all I'm so thankful for my sweet little guy and the person he is becoming. I also appreciate that he has started going to bed earlier! While I can cope with limited sleep in the end I'm still pretty grumpy without some shut eye. 


Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen