February 08, 2014

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Well we finally did it and signed Little Hipster up for preschool (just one day a week because hey it's not cheap!). I felt like he needed more socializing away from me even though we did lots of playdates, music class, and gymnastics class on a weekly basis. Also with the growth of Hipster Baby Mom of said Little Hipster needed time during the day that wasn't just limited to nap time or "go watch PBS kid shows" time. Inevitably he would get into trouble doing something he shouldn't be doing…even when I was in the same room! So after a tour of the preschool I was contemplating putting him in we were ready to start. I bought a comfy camp nap mat and lunch box and pulled out his toddler size Quiksilver bag from our daycare days and that was about it. I made sure to include him with me on our Preschool tour so he could become familiar with the new setting while I was there and know who the director was (who also happens to have a candy stash should things get tough). 

The night before I made a cool kid bento lunch filled with an Elmo face sandwich (courtesy of the Sesame Street cutters from Williams Sonoma I bought I Amazon for his 2nd birthday party), fruit, chips, and a TJ version oreo. I also made sure to have a chat with Little Hipster to make sure he knew I would drop him off at preschool and would only stay a little while and then would come back after nap.

As expected on his first day little one cried after I walked away but his teachers assured me it was very short lived and he did great. Also I was surprised to be told "he talks a lot" so I guess that has to mean he feels comfortable there. Little man also loved that the potty they have in class is his size and so far after over a month of classes he hasn't had an accident! They do music class, spanish class, and even chapel (which always makes me wonder if he has unveiled his sign of the cross). I must admit seeing a toddler pray is adorable- no matter what religion!

 Little Hipster is sure growing up quick. His Little Man outfits are always a hit and they always make me smile.  

Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen