January 07, 2014

Traveling with a Toddler

Post Christmas we took a ski vacation with our family. It was a very exciting time as we got our little guy on skis for the first time! At not even 2.5yrs old it was a big deal for us. We will note that we didn't anticipate that we would have to find the smallest ski boots and shortest skis that the industry even makes. Despite it all our little guy did great when he had to tell us he had to pee or poop (it was usually a very inopportune time because stripping down a toddler from ski clothes is a pain). I should also note that the airplane ride and car trip up the mountain were all pretty much a breeze as he was either sleeping or entertained by his cousins or iPad filled with Caillou, Busytown Mysteries, or Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood episodes. 


Fast forward a week later and wow did I know I had a Terrible Two's Toddler. Unfortunately we found out my grandmother's breast cancer had returned for a third time and would require 3 weeks of daily radiation treatment. Due to schedules and conflicts there was a week gap of needing help getting my grandmother to and from treatment and to have someone stay with her so my little guy and I flew out to help. All in all he was his great and entertaining self chatting it up, playing silly games, etc. But for whatever reason he did not want to leave my grandma when it came time for us to fly back home. He kept saying "no plane no plane I don't wanna". As we find a seat on the plane the meltdown starts; crying, screaming, and frantic stares. It's always great to hear at the same time your 2 year old is losing it that it's going to be a completely full flight and every seat will be filled. Ha, like anyone will want to sit near us. Sure enough someone got the lucky window seat vacant on our row and enjoyed 20 minutes of sheer chaos from my son. No trick, treat, or talking could stop him. And it got even better when he peed all over himself and his seat. A strip down change in front of everyone and some pretzels later he was fine but I was a wreck. It's crazy how just a few minutes can really embarrass you as a parent. I'd like to think most people understood it wasn't me being  a bad mom that set him off into a screaming and crying fest but really just a terrible tantrum that gets the best of all 2 year olds sometimes. Traveling with a Toddler...sure hope I don't have to relive that for a while. 

Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen