December 16, 2013

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Christmas Time Potty Training

It's been a wild ride these past few weeks. Lots of shoppers is always a good thing but combine that with Icemageddon in Dallas that shut down the city for a good 4 days and potty training a toddler and its just complete chaos! 


Potty training a little boy has to be easier in the summer time when you can just teach them to go pee in the yard. Lets be honest boys have a fascination us moms will never understand. But I knew we shouldn't wait any longer to start potty training because our little guy kept having accidents with his diaper on because he was holding his pee. When it finally dawned on me that I wasn't crazy, the diapers fit and should work, and that our son hated being wet or poopy he was ready. So his training potty was moved into the living room and he wore nothing but underwear and a shirt any time we were at home. Accidents happened Day 1-3 but pretty much after that we have been smooth sailing (a few hiccups here and there). When we are not at home he wears his underwear and a pull up on top so he still gets that wet feeling. By Day 7 he refused to wear the pull up when we were out, including nap time and bed time because he just got used to feeling dry and being in his underwear. Our method probably worked so well because we were all tied up at home come Day 3 because Dallas got a huge ice storm and traveling out was just not worth it based on countless wrecks visible from our street and beyond. We haven't mastered the big potty yet but go between the training potty and the big potty (yes potty is now a common term in our vernacular). The potty insert doesn't seem to work for him but we have it as another option should it make him feel more comfortable. Instead he just resorts to the climbing up and holding on method. Since he is not even 2.5years old and is in the 1% for height I think the stand up method is a ways off for us but I wouldn't count it out depending on the age and size of your little guy. 


Learnings from our potty training have been the following:

1.) Accidents are the best way to teach them what to do

2.) Buy lots of underwear (and make sure they fit- Lego brand, Hannah Andersson, and Gymboree target the smaller guy in our opinion)

3.) Treat bags/bowls work (we have a #1 & #2 Treat Bag- higher rewards worked to train him on going #2)

4.) Positive reinforcement, never make him feel humiliated

5.) Encourage him to tell you and that he can go on his own

6.) Daniel Tiger's Potty Episode- that song is a good way to teach hygiene + timing

7.) Learning by example (friends also potty training helps encourage/influence)


Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen