November 11, 2013

Holiday Show

Hipster Baby participated in the Happy Hollydays Bazaar this past weekend in Highland Park and had a great time. There were tons of sweet moms with their little ones in tow along with expecting moms. I know I tend to be stressed if I'm shopping with my little guy because his patience wears thin pretty quickly but I've found distractions like YouTube Elmo Celebrity Videos or an episode of Caillou or Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood can hold him off for just a little bit. Bribes of snacks or candy can help too (hey when you want to run errands you get desperate quickly, or at least I do). Somehow I find it reassuring when I see other moms using similar tactics that I use because guilt often sets in on whether or not I'm being a "good mom". No I'm not one to just set him in front of a TV or iPad all day but when I need to get something done I might put on a show and I'm sure I'm not alone.


Any way I had so much fun connecting with other moms, grandmas, friends, family etc and helping them find Holiday gifts or just cute boy clothes and accessories for the little men in their life. A big thanks to the ladies running the event this past weekend- it was great! And thanks to Atico Furniture for letting us use their Truss Industrial Bookshelf for display. Here are some fun pictures from the weekend.   


The superhero pjs were very popular (detachable cape included).

Joah Love Chase Star 2fer Long Sleeve Shirt was also very popular.

And this little guy makes anything look adorable! He has on one of the Fore Axel & Hudson fedoras in size XS.

Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen