The 3rd Trimester

February 04, 2020

At 35 weeks pregnant, the 4th time around (I have 3 kids and am expecting my 4th) nothing seems that much different than before. Constantly sore, constantly peeing myself, thirsty, hungry but not too hungry. If it's not maternity it doesn't cover my belly unless it's something I borrow from my husband (more tees please and thank you)! Heels are worn on rare occasion otherwise it's comfy sneaker time.  I've saved all the baby clothes from my other 2 boys, so baby boy #3 will have plenty to go through. Crib and bassinet are ready, new carseat is purchased and installed (we went with the Nuna Pipa Lite LX). I've got the old slings I've used with every kiddo along with my...

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